World Tourism Day, 2021

Posted on September 25, 2021


In the time of Digital Nomads

The heartthrob Our modern world is controlled by none but the Technology. The constraints of geography are shrinking, One world is becoming the reality finally.This was true 2,000 years ago when the Silk Road took shape, and 500 years ago when Columbus crossed the Atlantic. It was palpable a century and a half ago when telephones, railroads, and telegraphs appeared, and again when nuclear weapons nearly wiped us all out.

And it’s certainly true now with the Internet.
Everything we know, everything we take for granted, will be zapped from under our feet a day or another…
Those who remain in their past will become insignificant. Those who understand this can transform for a mighty future. They can make the right decisions for themselves and their loved ones. They will thrive.

Now is the time to question where do you belong to?

Now is also the time of that hot-tech concept tourism and hospitality which will let us belong to our memories transported in a time capsule with a joystick. The human-centric design that draws insights from cognitive behaviour, social psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics applied with cutting edge technologies such as augmented, virtual or mixed reality (AR, VR, MR) could be a game-changer. The design principles will create a friction less digital user experience and construct a positive perception of a traveller’s destination.

At andaaz we love to experiment with the sensory of our mind body and soul, be it the space, music, food or our service. Weaving fantasies with our  memories has been our identity to those who are devoted to our passion since the early days of Andaaz.

Our collective imagination has always shown us ways bigger and brighter.

We confess that till this Pandemic we never ventured that much in digital space. Our fine dining legacy in retro vision has been working glitch free offline … while on paid leave for a full year, to be closer with the patrons somehow awakened our digital self. We started sharing stories about our journey…

And then the journey became digitally collective…

We together started making our life better with technology. Deliveries no longer were distant. Our popular street food brand Chichaat has become the mood-lifter of the Town. Goflour, the andaaz bakery cakes made that sweet something back in our life…. hot and spicy selfies were competing with choco lava and tart beauties :)

Take a jab … go Andaaz……. bond over food

This World tourism day comes with the promise of break-free travel again ??

#AndaazTurns13  #Think    #AndaazRestaurant

A Journey for the Food Lover …


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