The Place

Named after a word in the Urdu language meaning “Style”.
Andaaz is a Journey for the Food Lover through the subcontinent.

Andaaz in Lahore is located in the heart of the walled city next to the historic Badshahi masjid and Lahore Fort.
The restaurant is housed in a privately owned house built in nineteen hundred and twenty-six. The property was beautifully restored in the year two thousand and eight and set up as a private museum descriptive of local art and crafts through ages.
Well furnished with seating for up to one hundred and seventy guests, the restaurant’s three floors are accessible through the very comfortable stairway and a custom-built elevator.
Private courtyard & secure roadside parking is available for up to twenty automobiles.

In Islamabad, Andaaz is located in the historic Saidpur Village
Andaaz saidpur seats up to sixty-five guests and offers scenic views of margalla hills and a peek into classic village lifestyle.
The architecture and design of the restaurant are reflective of local traditions and music.
Designated & shared parking for up to fifteen cars is available.