Travels through time and space ; Andaaz

Posted on October 22, 2021


Travels through time and space ; Andaaz

Those myriad stories of Walled City of Lahore in the shadow of the great Badshahi Masjid goes by… While the dancing girls of Lahore, beloved by emperors and nawabs, beholders of the finest art and culture of Mughal era, fall from their legacy…

“The cycle of life has spun quickly, occasionally with cruelty, usually with bitter inevitability, and sometimes with such fast-burning beauty and energy that a single moment of brilliance illuminates whole lives in the dark, hidden world of this ancient brothel quarter.” – The Dancing Girls of Lahore Selling Love and Saving Dreams in Pakistan’s Pleasure District by Louise Brown

… and then, the lover, beholder of the lost inheritance, admirer of that vibrant world blended in pleasure, lust, legends, poets and artists, a chef had decided to passionately recreate spaces where bygones are honored and relieved by us through their glorious past.

And thus inside the walled city of Lahore, the first ever Pakistani fine-dining experience was created to epitomize the taste of our own history and culture in the memories of another century which is then shared with our niche patronage far and wide.

Here pleasure is not measured by anything lesser than soul searching exchange of love with stunning enchanting demure, sublime performances and extravagant hospitality.

“How it was tough for me – an international cuisine trained chef working on my own food, like never before. Learn the techniques. Figure out our spice mixes. Apply my modern learning to our cuisine. We are proud of our heritage and keep working at sharing the love and hospitality” – Ahmed exalts in satisfaction.

Lots of work, purpose and detail has gone into everything we do at andaaz

Our custom made glazed earthenware is made by a company driven by women. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from clean and healthy sources, local – natural, keep our carbon footprint to minimal. Human resources of Andaaz, trained from scratch, are the most wanted hospitality talents of our country…  We have been at the top of Trtipadvisor countdown for half a decade and more….

Our world is a collective dream, and we are its dreamers –   as the individual mind can change an individual dream effortlessly, the collective mind can effortlessly change the collective dream – and then comes the moment when you know you’re in love as we can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

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A Journey for the Food Lover ..

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