The Story of Bina

Posted on July 3, 2021


Andaaz is not a restaurant!

It’s a living storybook of people, places & journeys. A metamorphosis of existence, aspirations, crisis and creation.

The year was 2007 & Andaaz was conceived in Heera Mandi.

Jezebel, the building pre- andaaz was co-owned by Nelo and Bina. They are the two Madams charmed by the young gora-isque bawarchi . Hope for a brighter future seeped in the mind of these two lovely ladies. Nelo was the sly one, she cashed out quickly!  Bina (lady to the left) befriended Andaaz. She trained and served endlessly uplifting herself to a life of dignified prosperity. Her daughter is in college now, and she plans to get herself a job and get married by her own will.

The chef, a modern day Jatt from Gujranwala. A dreamer, the kind who make changes happen Just by Believing!  To him, Food has always been the key to create opportunity. Cooking and serving are his strongest peaceful weapons, with them to make this world understood better in the end.  PAUSE !!!!!

Could we possibly go back to “business as usual?” 

No matter what happens, no matter what state of lock down we  are in. We have to stay put – and together, keep our spirit shining. That is something we can do, no matter the restrictions or the state of our finances. Only by keeping together we can support each other through this – our families, the team,  as well as our Patrons.

Let’s make it our practice to chase any negative thoughts away. Let’s Begin by counting our blessings. We’re still alive and healthy… nature is beautiful and hey, We Can Cook! Let’s reach out, communicate, share our story, share our ideas.

Together we can even seize the opportunity and create beautiful new things …


A Journey for the Food lover

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