Seizing the opportunity.

Posted on September 1, 2021


The Anthropocene has arrived, and with it an unprecedented Seizing the opportunity to steer our collective future.

Human beings have become the dominant force of planetary change. 

In the midst of chaos, we started fixing things and executing our plans – changing things that we always wanted to but could not as we were In-service

Once upon a time there was what there was, and if nothing had happened there would be nothing to tell…. and truly so while tiding over a historical crisis Andaaz has been trying to restore, revive and recreate.

Andaaz is a Human story book oozing from the moment we have created our classic desi enterprise to support, share and sustain together with the art of making food. It has been a roller coaster of non fiction turned fiction, monochrome to color, celebration of magic realities turning true. This change in making has been our andaaz for the last 13 years. New chapters are being added every now and then soaked in new dreams and achievements. Here’s what we have been doing during the 444 days we missed cooking for you at Andaaz.

Shutter down time of Corona for Team Andaaz  has been a boon in dribbling the banes of those who we needed the most. The team worked hand in hand with the Lahore Metropolitan Corporation, cooking nutritious and safe meals for our people fighting at the frontline – the emergency responders.

And we got to bake a lot ♥️ at Goflour. A women empowerment project, initiated together with Sabah Pakistan with a choice to share love wrapped in skills to bake. We got so much more time to train them better that we are now making great breads. Here we taught our sisters from marginalised pockets of our society how to bake amazing artisanal breads and sweet delicious things.

And then, there were many breherns from the industry who got “off loaded” hence, we employed some of them and started making Pizzas and sandwiches. Some cool cafes in Lahore are the ones whom we are supplying –  It did not only offer help to the boys but helped GoFlour generate revenues to support our core training program.

We are now much closer to our goal of empowering the all women baking team in opening their first Bakery Tandoor.

These are Our stories: a closely knit family of differently challenged beings of various sources creating and serving food to those who care for our causes. Let us together keep bending many more sad stories to happier ones with a piece of hot healthy natural artisan bread from Goflour. A bread to make peace with all dietary restrictions.  Our girls have become the best in town in gourmet patisserie, they are making hearts sway in joy at every celebration from Birthdays to valentines to anniversaries to no reason friends meet.

WE transformed this time of crisis to an opportunity to look deeper within ourselves and us as a team. suffered and healed, together, happier with each other, as if a load has been taken off. We do not feel responsible for everything. Have embraced the trauma. Light at the end of the tunnel is witnessed.

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