Mez’baan, forever ..

Posted on October 6, 2021


We ♥️ being Your mez’baan, forever.

mehman nawazi  in Pakistan has been emblematic of our land and culture.

A lifetime of commitment, intensive training under the masters, and a zeal to serve!

The task at hand took years of research to learn about the food, the techniques and the spice to do justice to Pakistani cuisine which has developed over centuries from Three broad cultures – the Iranian, central Asia and south Asia. The varied regions also means there are a wide range of different foods – from the fertile valleys, the sea of Sindh province; to pastoral Baluchistan from neighboring Iran; to the Punjab with its five rivers and the rugged North West Frontier. This blend of Indian, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern cooking techniques creates a distinctive mix of complex flavors.

It was a herculean task indeed, a lot of work with local culinary talents, lots of eating with people at their homes, dining at the best restaurants, and the international skill set of a chef acquired from a culinary institution of Florida.

After tireless slogging  for years, finally, the ultimate desi Pakistani food experience got made from locally sourced finest ingredients, recipes of the masters, indigenous culinary techniques and a perfectionism of international order.

It is time to uncover the secret sauce which makes our platter utterly deliciously attractive to the world.

We are proud of our every item on our menu. Every thing is made with only the best ingredients – the healthiest  meats, fresh local vegetables, top of the line spices and grains. And then the best techniques are applied, by our team of experienced chefs who have been mastering their skills since the day we opened doors.

At andaaz we serve in the traditional Pakistani shared plate way reflecting the culture and heritage of eating together in the families of Pakistan. Our hostesses serve our beloved guests from the pot, same as we do for our guests at a family dinner…

A multi course meal endlessly flowing through colorful sherbets, delectable kebabs, an array of non-veg and veg curries, pulaos, tandori bread, accompaniments … mingled in shades of warmth, laughter and eagerness commingle in the atmosphere, ending with the stellar sweet dishes is how a shared meal style of service is celebrated at Andaaz every night.

What more may we say about our food , it is time for you to call us, book a place,  book Andaaz for your entire family to a dining get together with your favorite dishes from the subcontinent.

We are vaccinated, sanitized, dedicated, safely designed, open air, happy at your service to make every experience exceptional.

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A journey for the food lover

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