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Posted on September 14, 2021


Andaaz is eternally proud to be your host  ??

Not every legend is a myth, some are flesh and blood. Some legends walk among us, but they aren’t born, they’re built. Legends are made from iron & sweat, mind and muscle, blood and vision and victory. Legends are champions, they grow, they win, they conquer. There’s a legend behind every legacy, there’s a blueprint behind every legend…

Our gratitude to our patrons has always been greater than the challenges we come across through the way – So many moments of togetherness can’t be expressed in words  …

We feel extremely lucky that we got the chance to cook and serve to some of the biggest stars and legends of the world.

Hosting Monsieur Christian Louboutin

The legendary French-Egyptian creative, whose eponymous luxury footwear line is famous for its signature red soles and his fashion and beauty empire now spans fragrance, beauty and accessories is amongst our most beloved patrons.

Fascinated by world cultures, he ran away in his teens to Egypt and spent a year in India. Louboutin said. “I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.” Louboutin said. “While my designs have roots in Paris, I feel very lucky to have access to some of the most specialized craftsmanship in the world; that has allowed me to push my creative boundaries and celebrate inclusivity and self-empowerment through cultural exchange.”

The man is a legend, he exudes creativity at every step taken.

Louboutin came to Pakistan as The chief minister of Punjab’s special guest and we were delighted to hold the courtesy dinner for him @Andaaz also attended by the amazing Pakistani artist Rashid Rana..

We are eternally proud to have had the pleasure of your company Sirs ❤️

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A Journey for the Food Lover …

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