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Posted on June 27, 2021


Pakistan is a land of 5000 years of myriad trendsetting passionately colorful people with charismatic expressions of art of living. A country whose culture is starkly contrasted by its global image, are we facing the dilemma of explaining what our civilization really entails?

Andaaz was created to salute that metaphorical seekh which runs straight through the soul and belly of Pakistan’s vibrant history, culture and cuisine. As a culinary journey for our patrons who love  top-notch, hot and classy Desi food served with tenderness of a family at a place which nurtures the inheritance of love and pride.

13 years ago we made a commitment  – recreate the most  desi, Pakistani  fine dining experiences. Research our own cuisines and collect recipes, recreate them in the most palatable manner applying  indigenous techniques, use only the finest ingredients and  serve in the most hospitable manner which is reflective of Pakistani culture.

We have our doubts about everything now. About where we’re going, about what to do. The past year and half has thrown everything into doubt. Things that were certain are now not, things that were once unimaginable now stare us right in the face. What are we to do? How can we go on? Why cook? Why try and change our world through food? These are the things that we talk  about. We have realized now more than ever the true purpose of cooking, of engaging with our local landscape and the traditions and history that lie hidden there.

This virus has been a catalyst for us, to re-evaluate the direction of our mission to try and leave the world with a better food culture than we found: a more sustainable future that has a focus on our communities, our cities, our farms, our country, and our place on planet earth.

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A Journey for the Food Lover

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