replenishing cold pressed juices smoothies sherbets and hot beverages

Karak Chai

Dhaba style black tea cooked on dum with milk.

Rs 230


Traditional green tea brewed with cardamom mint & lemon

Rs 210


Davidoff Cafe Grande Cuvee’ served with or without milk

Rs 290

Perrier Water

Fizzy imported spring water one liter.

Rs 380


One and a half liter of bottled water.

Rs 140


Assortment of regular diet & club sodas.

Rs 140

Podina Lassi

Savory yogurt smoothie with mint and mild spice.

Rs 240

Fruit Lassi

Seasonal fruit and yogurt smoothie.

Rs 240

Fruit juice

Cold pressed seasonal fruit juices.

Rs 280

Nimbu Pani

Classic lemonade with masala twist.

Rs 220

Nimbu Soda

Club soda with lemon & spice

Rs 240

Jal Jeera

Blended mint, lemon and cumin cooler.

Rs 220

Iced Tea

Rose infused clasic sweetened iced tea.

Rs 220