Tandoori Namonay

tender smoked morsels cooked over an intense fire in a tandoor - the legendary beehive-shaped clay oven

Tandoori mela

a sampler of tandoori enchants for you and a special one

Rs 2985

Tandoori jhinga

jumbo prawns charred in their shells – chutney glaze lemon wedges

Rs 2195

Fish tikka

succulent chunks of tandori fish mustard & masala baste

Rs 1865

Bewazni paneer tikka

feather lite cottage cheese – tandoori glaze grilled capsicum & onions

Rs 1195

Kandahar kabab

succulent beef tenderloin – roast tomatoes mushrooms & fat of lamb baste

Rs 1295

Seekh lahori

premium beef mince kebab – streets of Lahore spice mix slaw pickle

Rs 1135

Masala chanp

double cut mutton chops - marinated overnight in masala - pickled onion

Rs 1685

Lucknow kabab

meaty goat kabab basted with lamb fat crisp onion

Rs 1495

Murgh malai tikka

tender chicken breast – creamy cheese green curry marinade

Rs 1275

Murgh kabab badami

delicate minced chicken – almond oil dressing cucumber relish

Rs 1285