The Journey Menu

A Culinary Journey along the GT road.

Kakori Kebab

A softer version of seekh kabab grilled in tandoor, attributed to the Nawabs of Avadh.

Crystal Chowk ka Chicken Tikka

A secret tandoori tikka recipe all the way from Amritsar’s famed crystal chowk.

Chapli Kebabs

Pan grilled beef delicacies from the northwest frontier region of Pakistan.

Chingri Malai Curry

This Bengali prawn curry was very popular in the british raj kitchens in Calcutta.

Saag Gosht

Punjabi mutton delicacy served at dhabas along gt road from Rawalpindi through Delhi.

Chicken Fry

Here’s our take on this quickly fried quartered chicken served in its many forms all through our journey.

Begun Bhaja

This is a delicious method of cooking egg plant. The Bengali bhuna masala is a true hit.

Langar ki Daal

Holy lentils – a medley of split peas & “ma” ki daal religiously devoured at the Punjabi dhabas.

Mishti Pulao

A caramelized brown sugar & spice savory rice delicacy ! sweet and savory delight from of our favorite stop indeed.

Baked Rice Kheer

Rice pudding is served everywhere in sub continent - literally. We picked this baked in tandoori version to compliment our menu.