Karahi Kay Kamal

succulent morsels of meat simmered in intensely flavored curries with fresh herbs and spice

Jhinga Karahi

Prawns cooked in a medley of exotic spices & roasted tomato –karahi style.

Rs 1940

Jhinga Hara Masala

Fresh prawns cooked in coriander & mint sauce flavored with green chili and tamarind.

Rs 1960

Roast Machli

Tawa roasted filets of red snapper with tawa bhuna masala paste

Rs 1860

Mutton Shank Achari

Rich and pungent young goat curry with pickling spices toasted almond & ginger relish

Rs 1880

Chanp Bhuna

Masala marinated chops quick fried in delicious bhuna masala on a flat griddle.

Rs 1820

Maghaz Masala

This delicious delicacy is prepared by poaching goat’s brains in milk with spice and cooked on griddle bhuna-style.

Rs 1660

Karahi Keema

Smashed lahori kababs tossed on the griddle with<br /> grilled onions and coriander butter.

Rs 1420

Bhuna Gosht

Mutton shanks braised & fried in tawa with bhuna masala

Rs 1880

Batair Masala

Tawa fried quails with bhuna masla paste.

Rs 1360

Murgh Vindalo

Tender morsels of chicken simmered in the red hot vindalo paste.

Rs 1540

Choza Makhani

Tandoor grilled chicken in roast tomato gravy with oodles of butter and green cardamom.

Rs 1580

Murgh Kali Mirch

Sumptuous chicken thighs cooked in a creamy black pepper and capsicum curry

Rs 1560

Murgh tikka masala

boneless chicken tikka – cottage cheese & roasted onion curry

Rs 1560

Murgh Karahi Pudinay Wali

Morsels of chicken simmered in a rich karahi sauce with braised onions & mint.

Rs 1560

Nizami Murgh Kaju

Grilled chicken cooked in cashew nut cream with black pepper and fried nuts.

Rs 1580

Tawa Chicken

Grilled chicken cooked in cashew nut cream with black pepper and fried nuts.

Rs 720