Karahi Kay Kamal

succulent morsels of meat simmered in intensely flavored curries with fresh herbs and spice

Jhinga hara masala

fresh shrimp cauliflower and green beans coconut mint & green chili curry

Rs 1795

Teen mirch ki machli

pan roasted filets of fish – chili peppers chutney curry fried okra

Rs 1865

Maghaz masala

milk & turmeric poached goat brains – cooked on griddle tempered with ghee

Rs 1175

Nali ki nihari

braised veal shank & trotters - caramelized onion and bone marrow sauce

Rs 1375

Batair tawa masala

tender farm-raised quail – pan roasted tawa style green chili & coriander

Rs 1265

Roasted joints

leg of kid goat cooked two ways – sautéed vegetables rogan jus

Rs 1695

Bhuna keema

beef mince off the griddle – caramelized onions peppers bhuna masala & egg

Rs 1165

Mutton shank achari

rich and pungent young goat curry – pickling spices toasted almond & ginger relish

Rs 1595

Vindalo gosht

tender leg of mutton – sweet sour and chili curry root vegetable

Rs 1565

Dhaba murgh

boneless thighs of tandori chicken – red tomato & nutty butter curry

Rs 1275

Murgh kali mirch

sumptuous chicken tikka – creamy black pepper capsicum curry

Rs 1285

Pista korma

tender chicken breasts –green pistachio korma curry toasted nuts

Rs 1295

Murgh tikka masala

boneless chicken tikka – cottage cheese & roasted onion curry

Rs 1265

Murgh Karahi

chicken thighs on the bone – cooked in a wok with lahori karahi masala

Rs 1265