Diigar Lawazmaat

vegetables legumes rice whole grain breads refreshing salads and dips to accompany your meal

Daal makhani

A north Indian delicacy - slow cooked stew of black lentils enriched with fresh tomato, garlic and butter flavored with fenugreek leaves & finished with cream.

Rs 700

Khatti Daal

South Indian Specialty- slow cooked sour lentil curry flavored with tamarind and freshly ground spices.

Rs 700

Palak Paneer

Baby spinach sautéed and braised with tomatoes onions and homemade cottage cheese, finished with cream.

Rs 800

Sabzi Karahi

A tomato rich sauce provides the perfect foil for this un-usual combination of vegetables cooked al’ dente.

Rs 800

Tamatar ka Kut

From the South” tomato special. Tomatoes are<br /> simmered in a tomato sauce flavored with exotic spice mix & boiled eggs.

Rs 700

Baingan ka Bharta

Grilling aubergines gives a unique flavor to this<br /> classic recipe from Pondicherry.

Rs 700

Mirchi ka salan

Large mild chilis in a spicy nutty sauce - a special vegetarian recipe from Hyderabad.

Rs 700

Paneer Karahi

Classic anglo-indian vegetarian karahi with cottage cheese mushrooms & peppers.

Rs 800

Mushroom Curry

Pan roasted mushrooms simmered in Punjabi masala and roasted onions.

Rs 800

Kaju Pulao

Biryani-style cooked rice with toasted cashew nuts & churned butter.

Rs 500

Yakhni Pulao

Rice cooked on “dum” with stock, caramelized onions & whole spices.

Rs 500

Nimbu Pulao

Lemon flavored basmati rice tossed with curry leaves, lentils, mustard seeds & turmeric.

Rs 500

Khaas Roti

Leavened whole wheat bread freshly baked in tandoor.

Rs 60


This tandoori baked bread has a very satisfying<br /> texture that combines a scorched crust with soft crumb.(Choice of Makhani, Lehsuni or Kalwanji)

Rs 90


These breads are made by enriching dough with ghee, which is then folded into layers and baked to crisp in a tandoor.

Rs 90


These crisp on the outside fluffy inside breads are<br /> leavened and cooked to a perfect gold color in tandoor.

Rs 70

Cheese Naan

Tandori naan stuffed with melting cheddar & mozarella cheese with masala mix.

Rs 300

Podina Raita

Cool whipped yoghurt with mint & pomegranate seed.

Rs 150

Zeera Raita

Toasted cumin infused cool whipped yoghurt.

Rs 150

Kheera Raita

Grated cucumber raisins & pomegrenate greek yogurt dip.

Rs 200

Sabzi Achar

Pickled carrots, cauliflower, turnips and chili peppers aged in vinegar with spices.

Rs 200


Peppers, broccoli, onions cucumbers, tomato<br /> & onions tossed in curry vinaigrette.

Rs 200

Kachumbar Salaad

Crunchy diced vegetables tossed with mint, coriander & green chilies in a lemon vinaigrette.

Rs 200

Punjaabi salaad

Fresh cut tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, crisp lettuce, peppers & lemons.

Rs 100