Diigar Lawazmaat

vegetables legumes rice whole grain breads refreshing salads and dips to accompany your meal

Sabzi karahi

seasonal vegetables roasted tomato paste & karahi spices

Rs 695

Palak paneer

baby spinach, mustard & fenugreek greens – stir-fried cottage cheese tikka chunks

Rs 665

Baingan ka bharta

charred eggplant pulp – coconut with turmeric masala tempering & toasted sesame seed

Rs 645

Tamatar ka kut

roasted tomatoes in fomato curry with eggs

Rs 655

Corn takatak

sweet and baby corn cooked on the griddle – tawa spices

Rs 675

Daal Makhani

stewed black lentils - fenugreek infused butter & cream sauce

Rs 575

Khatti daal

slow cooked red lentils – tamarind & hormone free desi ghee tempering

Rs 565

Nimbu Pulao

lemon infused basmati rice - curry leaves & mustard seeds tadka

Rs 475

Yakhni Pulao

long grain basmati rice - chicken and whole spice broth

Rs 465

Sada chawal

steamed basmati rice - cardamom cumin & ghee tempering

Rs 425


fresh cut seasonal vegetables tossed in a balsamic curry vinaigrette

Rs 225

Sabzi achaar

tangy seasonal vegetables pickled with spices and vinegar

Rs 195

Pyaz ki salad

crunchy onion rings tossed with seasonal vegetables kachumber

Rs 175

Kachumber salaad

thick seasonal vegetables - lemon & black pepper vinaigrette

Rs 175

Kheera raita

hung yogurt dip with pomegranate – raisins & cool cucumber

Rs 215

Pudina raita

hormones & preservative free yogurt – fresh mint with masala tempering

Rs 175


whole grain tandoori bread – hearty & light

Rs 55


hormone free desi ghee glazed crispy flat bread

Rs 95


fine tandoori bread – topped with sesame seeds & desi ghee

Rs 85


fine tandoori bread – topped with sesame seeds

Rs 65

Cheese naan

fine tandoori bread stuffed with a cheese mix – topped with sesame seeds & desi ghee

Rs 225