Andaaz Menu

Thank you for considering our online-ordering system as a means of protection for our community. Please enjoy the experience with Andaaz 🙏🏾

Tandoori jhinga

jumbo prawns charred in their shells – chutney glaze lemon wedges

Rs 2450

Masala Chanp

These mutton chops are seeped overnight in a tenderizing Punjabi masala and grilled to perfection.

Rs 2350

Bewazni Paneer Tikka

Feather-lite chunks of homemade cottage cheese layered with a roasted garlic & sweet chili infusion.

Rs 1850

Murgh Malai Tikka

Tender chicken breast tikka marinated in creamy cheese and cardamom green curry.

Rs 1650

Murgh Badami Kabab

delicately minced chicken kabab with almonds paste grilled in tandoor

Rs 1650

Seekh Lahori

Juicy ground beef kabab seasoned with Lahore special street-spice mix grilled to perfection.

Rs 1750

Kandahaar Kabab

succulent beef tenderloin roasted in tandoor with tomatoes mushrooms & fat of lamb baste.

Rs 1950

Jhinga Hara Masala

Fresh prawns cooked in coriander & mint sauce flavored with green chili and tamarind.

Rs 2050

Chanp Bhuna

Masala marinated chops quick fried in delicious bhuna masala on a flat griddle.

Rs 1950

Karahi Keema

Smashed lahori kababs tossed on the griddle with grilled onions and coriander butter.

Rs 1750

Bhuna Gosht

Mutton shanks braised & fried in tawa with bhuna masala

Rs 2350

Choza Makhani

Tandoor grilled chicken in roast tomato gravy with oodles of butter and green cardamom.

Rs 1850

Murgh Kali Mirch

Sumptuous chicken thighs cooked in a creamy black pepper and capsicum curry

Rs 1850

Daal makhani

A north Indian delicacy - slow cooked stew of black lentils enriched with fresh tomato, garlic and butter flavored with fenugreek leaves & finished with cream.

Rs 1150

Palak Paneer

Baby spinach sautéed and braised with tomatoes onions and homemade cottage cheese, finished with cream.

Rs 1150

Nimbu Pulao

Lemon flavored basmati rice tossed with curry leaves, lentils, mustard seeds & turmeric.

Rs 850


This tandoori baked bread has a very satisfying texture that combines a scorched crust with soft crumb.

Rs 120


These breads are made by enriching dough with ghee, which is then folded into layers and baked to crisp in a tandoor.

Rs 120

Podina Raita

Cool whipped yoghurt with mint & pomegranate seed.

Rs 250

Sabzi Achar

Pickled carrots, cauliflower, turnips and chili peppers aged in vinegar with spices.

Rs 250

Kachumbar Salaad

Crunchy diced vegetables tossed with mint, coriander & green chilies in a lemon vinaigrette.

Rs 250

Gulab jamon

milk fudge dough balls - green cardamom infused sugar syrup

Rs 350

Dahi ki kheer

baked home-made yogurt and pistachio pudding - delightful!

Rs 350

Karak Chai

Dhaba style black tea cooked on dum with milk.

Rs 350


Traditional green tea brewed with cardamom mint & lemon

Rs 340

Water Sparkling

Fizzy imported spring water one liter.

Rs 750

Water Still

One and a half liter of bottled water.

Rs 250


Assortment of regular diet & club sodas.

Rs 250

Podina Lassi

Savory yogurt smoothie with mint and mild spice.

Rs 350

Fruit juice

Cold pressed seasonal fruit juices.

Rs 350

Nimbu Soda

Club soda with lemon & spice

Rs 350


To take delight in your meal we suggest that you select at least two main items with breads or rice
All items on the menu are presented across the table so that guests are able to share
and taste every morsel.

Our team of highly skilled hosts is here to make this a memorable evening

If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion please contact the manager on duty
or call + 92 3000 ANDAAZ