A Chef’s Hands

Posted on July 25, 2021


Cooking a meal for our patrons  is nothing less than a ritual for us. Our kitchen is our place of creation. We are thankful for these chef hands.

It all seems like an inspirational story of fiction to us today when we reminisce about how the journey with Andaaz started

“Me and my chef were the only two people who had worked in a restaurant before. Everybody else, we trained from scratch. The element of working as a team has happily kept us bonded together even after so much hard work day in day out. Our kitchen team has been there since day one for all these years.. We were understaffed so we overworked, we did everything ourselves. To me, there’s no great chef without a great team. We value human bond over anything else…”

Since 2007 our team has gone through milestones after miles. We believed in progress, prosperity along with a committed workman’s partnership. Then came the ‘Great Pause’ of 2020. … Restaurant were asked to close their doors to safely contain the viral pandemic. Putting us amongst those who have borne the most unprecedented economic brunt of stay-at-home policies, landing  many at the verge of bankruptcy. Emotions went from numbness to sadness to anger and then rage. All we know is that “Laying off “ was not the solution for us, our team is what we are very proud of. With our hands we have crafted the most amazing culinary journeys.

We have all missed many things : the day to day of it, side by side with the team working on that goal. To nourish. To bring joy. That’s why we do this, and it is always worth it. The opportunity to share our voice, our story, and our perspective does not undo the hurt, but by engaging in meaningful partnerships we can rise. Together we picture the collective effort of lifting an elephant that has fallen to the ground. It will take a hundred hands, all pushing together. It will take each and every one of us to do it.

If I could do it all again, I’d be a chef. No doubt.


A Journey for the Food lover

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