What we do

What we do

“Feel good food from around the sub-continent, passionate people and genuine hospitality are at the heart of everything we do.”
We are a fine dining restaurant serving delectable meals prepared with nutritious sustainable ingredients prepared in the most hygienic environment.
To us what is most important is the integrity towards the profession and making sure that the guests get the best value for their time and money.
If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We’ll work to make it perfect.


Andaaz takes out a leaf from the culinary extravaganzas of the “Grand Masters” and brings to you a “repast” of real tandoori barbecue in an ambiance and hospitality evocative of those golden times when every meal was a feast and every feast a gourmand’s delight.

Our team of chefs have solid culinary background having spent decades learning the exquisite techniques and recipes developed by the great masters.


Cooking Philosophy

For thousands of years, people throughout Southeast Asia, and many other Asian countries, have been using fresh spices and natural ingredients for various healing benefits. They cook these ingredients using a slow and measured approach taking great care in the process. The art of cooking has become a philosophy – one that has been lost in the fast-paced nature of Western cultures.dhania

At Andaaz we take Indian inspired food to a whole new level with our healthy cooking approach and techniques. If a restaurant tells you they just cooked your lentils from scratch and are serving them to you made-to-order, you might want to question them.




At Andaaz we firmly believe in knowing what we cook and you eat, so please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can be assured that none of the food we make in our kitchens has any artificial ingredients or undesirable additives.
If you have a special dietary need, we’re happy to tell you the ingredients as our commitment to being transparent. If you can’t consume something, we don’t want to feed it to you, so we take allergy and dietary requirements very seriously.
You’ll also notice in our menu that many items are vegetarian as part of our commitment to being all-inclusive to as many customers as possible.


We love entertaining and will take any opportunity to do so.

Polite and friendly hostesses provide the highest level of service and attention.

The Andaaz team has extensive experience in the art of regional cuisines & customs and are committed to making your experience truly memorable

Private Hire

The restaurant is available for total or partial exclusive use.
We have held many private occasions at Andaaz including weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and official dinners. Each occasion is designed exclusively for you from arranging menus and drinks to providing advice about special touches to make the event personal and unique.

In order for the venue to be entirely at your disposal we adopt a minimum spend policy which will vary depending on the exact requirements, day of the week and time of the event.

For more information please call 03000 ANDAAZ or Write to us with details.